Saving private Harry!

March 1, 20080 comentarii

Let me ask you a question: how many things do you know about regal families? How many things do you know about British regal family? Diana died many years before and we do not know exactly what happened! But suddenly press found out that little king Jerry plays tennis in Afghanistan with terrorist’s bullets. How many things you know about the dark sides about the wars of Afghanistan and Iraq? Not much. But guess what? A newspaper just saw little Harry in Afghanistan just like this in his meditation mounting retirement and made look like an accident to us. Come on fellows!
Now little Jerry plays the role of a Hollywood superstar. He was saying about the press: "Everything was so perfect… bla, bla bla … until you showed up ..."
Can you see a Hollywood star being so nice and giving an interview to the paparazzi: "Hey guys ... you got me this time but until you showed up I was so happy to die for my country… but now… you came… and destroyed my life… and now I have to go home without being a real hero…" What a pity!
Now: do you really believe that in that soldier suit was really Harry? What if the mysterious soldier was some kindg of agent or something in his place since nobody knew the fact that 007 was indeed the Harry King! Can you imagine the testiculated granny queen sending her nephew to Afghanistan? Or the authorities prepared for Harry king a brave retirement in case he really was in Afghanistan. You know… one can not appear at a party since everybody knew him at his duty. But now… when everybody saw him fighting like old (Vi)kings he can came back home as a hero on one of the deadliest wars on the planet. On the other hand one should know that in Afghanistan is peace now since king Harry was there. Can you swallow both of these statement please to make the campaign fully success?
Well, one can see it clearly! The press and the political system are together. You know the win-win principle ;). I imagine the discussion between the royal PR department and some big newspapers: "Hey! We have got something big for you! How about information about the king hero Harry lost in the soldier’s anonymity on the battlefield? Ha?" Would that not be a hit in mass media? Imagine how many fools would buy your paper toilet thinking that the father king is watching for them when they sleep like babies!
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