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July 31, 20081comentarii

I was too young to remember the horrible crimes that happened in the former Jugoslavia in ‘90-s. I still remember when the crowed protested against the perspective of war between certain ethnics. It happened in a big city, Sarajevo I guess. It was clear that the majority wanted peace. But the soldiers with guns just wanted blood. They opened fire bringing terror on the people. I’ll never forget that images. It was the moment when I realized that the decisions of communities are not the decisions of majority but the decisions of the ones that have guns. That was the moment when I started to fight against army with pure hands and thoughts.
Unfortunately many people believed that the enemies war the other ethnic instead of seeing that the real enemy was the armies that started or degenerated the whole conflict. The armies pretended to protect their civilians but somehow the civilians were trapped between they hunger for power, glory and blood. You might think that your army protect you but finally destroys you. That is what happened with Yugoslavia. In 1990 when the communism was over this country was above the other countries in the region as regarding the wealth. Now it is much behind them and hardly tries to catch up. What the honest people build with their work until 1990 was destroyed by the armies and the war mentality.
Some years ago I trusted ju$tice as institution and would be glad to see Karadzic beyond the bars as I was gad to see Milosevic too. Now it seems to me a very big masquerade. What to judge him for any more? Is there any punishments in order to restore the monstrous murder that he or his undercomanders have been made? It is possible to see his human face after that of human butcher and see that monsters have feeling also.
The problem is that Karadzic and other politicians/generals are not the only ones guilty for the crimes war. They could have the biggest guilt because they organized the whole scenario. But there are a lot of people that would do the same today after the ending of war. They would never be convicted. The fact is that Hague’s tribunal can’t convict the whole army for war crimes because that would be the majority of people which technically is impossible. On the other hand Europe needs the people from former Yugoslavia, this country might be a good market and its army could be sent in certain missions among the others.
The fact is that EU politicians want to delimitate themselves from being perceived as murderers as are perceived the serbian ex leaders or others among the world. Their interest is to be percieved as the good guys. They look like good guys compared to those bad guys as Hitler, Stalin or Milosevic. But something tells me that they are somehow the same. They all are pieces of a nicer or poorer wrapped slavery system that use guns and death threatening for increasing production.
Of course the EU system is better than that of barbarian of Eastern Europe but it is not as different as one might think seeing this disapproval attitude among the EU politicians. What we learn from old Europe? That instead of killing the neighbor it is much profitable making peace with it or convincing her/him to work for us eventually?
Spear me with that. Human rights end up where the profitability ends up. It is not big difference of dying by the hand of somebody that hates me for belonging to another race or of dying because of the hard work and modern stress. Of course, I know the reason, there is a smaller number of stress dead people than that of interreligios and ethnical one. I heard that for thousands of times. But the reduction of the inestimable value of human life to numbers makes no big difference of principles between these two cases. As pointed out above, the western civilization is a little bit better then the Eastern European but the difference between them is not that of white and black. That is what Europe let us believe when is about to convict in their tribunal people that are perceived as heroes in their country. It is just an image strategy meant to make the western worker believe that her/he live protected by ju$tice. Well, I don’t buy that, sorry! I believe that the worker is not protected but tended by ju$tice.
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